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We can provide you with the best services in Transport business: road transport, sea freight, air freight and special transport.


Efficiency - Mainport Forwarding - Mainport Rotterdam Whether this is a computer chip or cylinder liner, a head of lettuce or an anchor chain. The fact that we have all the necessary disciplines in-house cuts out superfluous steps and means that we tackle what needs to be done quickly and efficiently. All we need to know is where the load is required, who our contact person is and what the telephone number is. That's all! You yourself don't have to do anything. Where the situation demands Mainport will itself get in touch with the relevant parties, such as suppliers, and if necessary exert pressure to make sure the consignment is ready on time.

It can also happen that we send our own staff to the airport to make sure that certain goods are in fact loaded into the aircraft. For taking risks is not a concept in Mainport's vocabulary.


Storage - Mainport Warehousing - Mainport RotterdamIf goods should need to be stored, Mainport Forwarding has a 3,000 sq.m. customs shed, accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means that you can get at your goods at any time. If you need to know the condition of the goods in the meantime (for example to inform your customer) we can send you precise information in the form of digital photos by e-mail.

Mainport Forwarding is permitted to issue customs licences and documents itself without the intervention of the customs department. This saves you time-consuming customs clearance procedures. Mainport has trucks, delivery vans, crane barges and floating cranes at its disposal so that no corner or tanker in the port of Rotterdam is beyond the reach of Mainport Forwarding. Mainport has the necessary certificates for all kind of transport.


Please contact Peet van Dam, operational manager, for more info concerning Mainport Forwarding.

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